Corporate Tablet Warfare Pits Devices Like Apple iPad 2 Against Rivals

Tablet devices like the Apple iPad 2 first caught on in the consumer market, but corporations are starting to embrace tablets as well.

So far these devices have gained ground in the financial servi…


Closing the Gap: A Look at Barcode and Smart-phone Interactions

Barcodes have traditionally been used in the retail industry to improve business infrastructure by creating more consistent control mechanisms that increase the speed and accuracy of the check-out pro…


Predictive Dialers Offer Positive Results

These days it seems as though not all technology is created equally- some inventions are complex enough to require a PhD to even begin to grasp while others make so much sense you may find yourself as…


Mobile Encyclopedia an Amazing Concept

Let's digress for a while and forget about the ongoing flat-rate price war and that latest buzz about Sprint's rumored move of undercutting other players with its $60 monthly unlimited plan. …


Nokia Eco Sensor Concept Very Promising

Integrating environmental awareness with mobile technology is the essence of Nokia Eco Sensor Concept. This next generation handset promises to keep us always in touch with our health and environment….


Keyless Concept Mobile

Uberphones has an interesting post today, showing off a new concept mobile handset that removes what many would consider to be an essential part of any mobile phone: the keys.Just when you thought tha…

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Nice Sony-Ericsson Concept

I'm starting to see a trend for the use of OLED devices in mobile phones, something I'm more than happy about as it allows – in my view at least – greater design choices, and also avoids the i…

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Lots of iPhone Concepts

There's a deep desire amongst some people for Apple to apply the Magic dust they sprinkled on the iPod to a mobile phone – any mobile phone. Whilst there have been some not-quite-successful attemp…

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Vodafone Enters Second Life

Vodafone has revealed plans to open its own virtual island in the online virtual world of Second Life. This is certainly an interesting idea, as the ability to link in-game world communication with th…

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Nokia Shows Aeon Concept

I get the feeling that the future of mobile phones may well be full virtual, with touch-screens featuring heavily as opposed to physical buttons. Of course, with no mechanical parts, the phone buttons…

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