SkyeSpy Turns Your Nokia Handset into a Bugging Device

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Ever dream of eavesdropping your boss or friend without buying any spy gadget? Now, all you need is a Nokia handset running on S60 3rd Edition and a mobile app called SkyeSpy.

It is a remote audio monitoring, detection and notification software used for many functions such as alarm system, remote baby monitor and of course spy device.

After you install this system, you need to pair it with another mobile or landline phone. Just leave it in the area you want to spy or monitor. Once it recognizes any sound based on the audio level you specified, it will immediately record the sound for 60 sec and send to your paired device as SMS, MMS or a call.

But if you want to listen in real time or for more than 60 sec you can also call the device and SkyeSpy will pick-up/answer your call secretly.

Then again, leaving your phone just to spy on other people is quite risky if you ask me. I guess there's always a price for nosing around. Try to stick with its non-spy functions, if you can.

There is a 1-day trial for this mobile app now and it is sold for $18.

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4 Responses to “SkyeSpy Turns Your Nokia Handset into a Bugging Device”

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  2. Mobiltelefon Says:

    I dont want to play James Bond, this phone is for special people who wants to stick their nose everywhere. Get a life.

  3. Adnan Says:

    All these apps should not be encouraged.
    They should be banned by Nokia,

  4. cheapairjordan Says:

    thanks you share!

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