Mobile Porn Growing, PixMeTV Offers New Mobile Affiliate Plan

Mobile Porn Growing, PixMeTV Offers New Mobile Affiliate Plan

Warning: You must be 18 to read this post! Just kidding…

The combined business models of pornography, social networking, and mobile technology has been very effective with PixMeTV, the first "citizen pornography mobile phone movie platform" where users can create their own profile, upload, and sell their own self-shot adult movies. Its rapid growth of more than 5 million page impressions per month has prompted them to setup a mobile affiliate partner scheme.

"We've created an environment that lets anyone with a videophone be the Producer, the Director, the Star – and importantly the Salesperson – of their own adult movie," said Jason Greane, Director of PixMeTV. We've seen some great early stage growth, and feel our unique pre-populated white-label offering will be of real interest to non-mobile companies looking to enter the user generated mobile space, to established websites looking to mobilise their web community and to wapsite owners looking to broaden their mobile portfolio into user generated content".

The bottom line: sex cells anytime, anywhere. While the content is somewhat sensitive and inherently seductive, I urge you to look at the business process of this company and probably learn a possible "best practice" in the field of mobile marketing. There is no doubt that the mobile industry needs a major makeover.

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