Car + Portable Devices = Good Selling Point

Car + Portable Devices = Good Selling Point

According to a new study, integrating portable devices into vehicles will eventually evolve from a luxury option to mainstream feature. It even lauds Ford's SYNC, a fully integrated entertainment and voice-activated in-car communications system for mobile devices, for spearheading this upcoming evolution.

Research director Mike Ippoliti says, "As automakers seek not only to offer functionality but to improve the integration of portable entertainment and make it a selling point, the Ford SYNC represents a major shift in OEMs' approach to the consumer electronics community. While some makes have merely supported certain media or devices, Ford's SYNC is intended to be a selling point, using voice recognition as a technology edge, and breaking the mold of premium-only availability."

Ford believes drivers today demand staying connected. True. While I don't believe this whole integration thing will become a determining factor in purchase decisions or even a strong unique selling proposition, it opens a new opportunity to all mobile handset manufacturers to partner with motor vehicle companies and consider this emerging trend as part of their designs. If Prada can have its own mobile phone, why can't we have Ford or even Honda mobile phones? How about Honda CR-VoIP?

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  2. Gateway Says:

    Why have 4-5 different portable devices on your dash when you can get everything into one integrated portable device? Question is, who makes em?

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    thank you admin very nice.

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