Customize Your Voicemail with

YouMail is a new FREE service that allows us, mobile users, to create personalized voicemails for different people or groups like family, friends, romantic partners, officemates, and annoying bosses. It is very easy to use and its concept is similar with assigning ringtones to your contacts.

Your creativity is the only limit with YouMail. Turn on your bedroom voice for romantic callers; bring out your funny side for friends or relatives, and your professional tone for your business callers.

Customize Your Voicemail with

If you hate being bombarded with calls from obnoxious telemarketers or stalkers, this is your chance to get even with the remarkable feature called DitchMail. When these irritating people call you it will automatically play your recorded message and hang up before they can leave a voicemail. (see demo below)

Moreover, it enables mobile users to create, listen, and share their voicemail messages via email. It's easy to forward and easy to save.

However, I think it is still limited to U.S. numbers, a big disappointment for non-US mobile users who are very excited to try this entertaining feature.

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  1. Heather Says:

    I just got youmail two weeks ago. So far I love it, I actually got it specifically for the ditch function and it’s worked like a charm.

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