Levi’s Has a New Mobile Phone

Levi's Has a New Mobile Phone

Riding on the convergence of fashion and technology, Levi's has partnered with ModeLabs to develop its own mobile phone. This denim manufacturer is not a new to this fashion + technology trend. In fact, it has taken some steps to embrace iPod with its RedWire DLX iPod Jeans.

"Technology is at the heart of today's youth culture and mobile phones are the ultimate accessory. Adding a mobile phone to our collection is a natural progression for Levi's, a brand that is driven to meet the desires of young people," says You Nguyen, Senior Vice President of Levi's Product.

Will this bold venture enhance Levi's already powerful brand or is this just a pathetic over extension?

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| June 21st, 2007 | Posted in Design, Mobile Technologies |

9 Responses to “Levi’s Has a New Mobile Phone”

  1. Dan Says:

    this phone looks rather good although it seems very bulky i doubt this will out sell iphone when its released

  2. Phone cards Says:

    Where technical parameters?

  3. Phone cards Says:

    Where technical parameters?

  4. Oleg Says:

    I think this phone cannot be the competitor in the market of youth phones. The design in the given situation plays a greater role, and it in this phone does not cause delight

  5. Calling cards Says:

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  6. calling card Says:

    i think there is some lack of design.

  7. calling card Says:

    No technical description

  8. Mobiltelefon Says:

    It looks like a Nokia with small buttons. Not everybody has small teenage fingers. We are all getting older so they should make a phone with big buttons and a large screen.

  9. lehaj Says:

    nice phone!

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