Thoughts on Mobile Marketing

Thoughts on Mobile Marketing

I like to thank Anne Baker, Marketing VP of mobile application platform company called Action Engine, for keeping me updated on mobile marketing. In case you don't know, Action Engine is the company behind Mobile, a news service that runs on your mobile device. It lets you read news articles, save news articles for later viewing, or watch news videos and photo slideshows.

To supplement my recent post regarding MMA, you can also read and analyze Understanding Mobile Marketing: Technology & Reach – a guide for designing mobile marketing campaign.

When asked to comment about mobile marketing, Ms. Baker replied:

Even though Action Engine is first and foremost a mobile application platform company, we are quite excited about mobile marketing over here. Our customers, like and TiVo, are looking towards advertising to prevent the wireless consumer from having to pay subscription fees for data services. Their hope is that the advertising subsidy model will encourage mass market consumers to try and discover new content, driving data services usage on a wide scale.

As mobile consumers become more savvy, visiting clumsy mobile websites and paying high prices for frequent data connections will grow increasingly unacceptable. Companies who want to build brand equity with the millions of wireless consumers in market today will need to evolve their mobile strategies to create a better user experience. Media companies like Yahoo! and are launching advertising-based downloadable applications in a heated race to be the first to attract consumers with improved usability and personalization options.

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