Packet8 MobileTalk an International Calling Card Made Easy

Packet8 MobileTalk is another mobile application claiming it can reduce international phone bills and maintain high International voice quality at the same time.

What makes it different from calling cards and other so-called reduced-rate international mobile calling services is that mobile consumers need not dial numerous keystrokes or operate cumbersome mobile applications.

Instead, we can dial the same way we place ordinary calls on our mobile phones. All you need to do is sign up for an account, download their mobile app, and you can dial right away.

Packet8 MobileTalk an International Calling Card Made Easy

Whenever you make an international call (dialing starts with 011… or starts with '+'), the MobileTalk application will automatically route the call to the Packet8 network and you will save up to 90% or more on your international cell phone calls.

It is compatible with about 450 mobile phones available in the market today. Check their list of supported devices before trying this service.

With the proliferation of many mobile applications helping mobile users to save money on international calls, I wonder why those big mobile operators are still not willing to lower down their rates.

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