Say Goodbye to In-flight Mobile Use…For Now

In the end, safety is more important than any cutting edge technology…

According to Telegraph, the public outcry over safety has prompted the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to continue to ban the in-flight mobile use for the "foreseeable future" despite some proposals made by many airlines.

In line with this, the online UK newspaper is running a petition to keep all flights mobile free. Nevertheless, some airlines like ryanair, Tap Air Portugal Air France, Emirates, AirAsia and Kingfisher are planning to allow the use of mobile phones.

Say Goodbye to In-flight Mobile Use...For Now

This is a big blow for most people on-the-go and the so-called digitivity denizens. Evidently, the 911 tragedy remains fresh in the hearts and minds of the general US public. It is undeniable that mobile phones had played significant roles in many terrorist attacks around the globe.

Many airlines already have the capability to provide in-flight mobile use but it is very important to hear the voices of the people they are serving.

Maybe it's time to slow down on technology and face a bigger challenge – assuring the public that this new service will not, in any way, put lives in danger.

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