Scarface Conquered the Mobile World

Scarface Conquered the Mobile World

Tony Montana is back to wipe out all the cock-a-roaches!

Gangster icons are gaining traction in the mobile industry with the recent success of Al Pacino's Scarface. According from The Hollywood Reporter, this gangster classic raked $2 million revenues generated from graphics, games, voicetones, and ringtones.

Disney and Universal Mobile Entertainment declined to break out revenue from "Scarface," but the 2 million purchases range from the $5.99 fee necessary to pay to play the game "Scarface: The Rise of Tony Montana" to the $1.99 that will get you one of an assortment of wallpaper images that features Pacino's menacing mug.

In the mobile arena, the performance of the voicetone featuring the movie's famous line — "Say hello to my little friend" — has surpassed all others on the market, spending 18 weeks topping Nielsen RingScan's weekly voicetone sales rankings and selling 110,000 tones since its sales began being tracked 31 weeks ago.

The Godfather has already entered the industry with Nokia N73 Godfather Edition. There might be some room left for other gangster classics like Casino, Carlito's Way, Bugsy, Good Fellas, and Pulp Fiction.

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