The Healthy Side of Mobile Phones

While medical experts remain vigilant on the adverse effects of mobile phones to the human race, the mobile industry is somewhat busy building the concept of Telemedicine 2.0 – the use of modern telecommunication and information technologies for the provision of clinical care to individuals located at a distance.

On one side there is Quebec-based company Myca with its revolutionary MyFoodPhone Nutrition Inc., a new online site which enable users with camera-equipped mobile phones to snap pictures of their meals, send directly to the nutritionist, and get instant feedback. All you need to do is shell out $10 per month to get personalize video feedback from your friendly Nutrition Advisor.

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For a more life-threatening disease like diabetes, we have HealthPia America – the company who introduced the world's first all-in-one glucometer cell phone and service for managing diabetes remotely called Gluco Phones VX – 5200. It would be great if they can add something related to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) like hypertension or high cholesterol levels, for these are the most fatal among US diseases.


What I find funny is the fact many mobile phone manufacturers are still so engrossed with development of nonsense features instead of creating more life-saving technologies. I guess it's unfair to blame them for they are just following the preference of the market. Sure it's not as cool as iPhone but it will definitely take us towards the right path to wellness.

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