Mobile Broadband Access Not for Average Consumers

Mobile Broadband Access Not for Average Consumers

I've got a funny feeling that mobile operators/companies are brilliant product developers but terrible marketing guys! Despite all the publicity, sales generated from music downloads (ringtones and ringbacks included), mobile search, and other mobile services represent only 5% of total revenues!

Recently, industry experts realized Skype is not ready for mass market and major ad agencies are somewhat reluctant to experiment on mobile marketing.

Now, a new study on mobile broadband access concludes it failed to excite average consumers worldwide. I'm seeing a thread of failures in marketing services and not an ounce of solution. According to the report Mobile Broadband Wireless: Path toward 4G:

This new report from Parks Associates finds that only Internet users in the U.K. are willing to pay a significant premium (28% on average) over the cost of a fixed connection for mobile broadband access, defined as a wireless high-speed service with which users can access the Internet wirelessly at home and in other locations. U.S. consumers are willing to pay only a 6% premium for a basic mobile broadband service. Consumers in countries with advanced phone-centric mobile Internet services, such as South Korea, Japan, and Italy, are even less interested in paying a premium for mobile broadband access.

Of course it is unfair to generalize my funny feeling. Well, you have Steve Jobs for iPhone and iPod. And you have…who else?

Stylish and innovative Mobile devices might seduce millions of consumers to buy. BUT, if you cannot sell its related services as simple as ringtones to the majority then that becomes a big problem. Conversely, it can be an opportunity – depending on your view, of course.

Via Parks Associates

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  3. Agnes Says:

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