Mobile Marketing Technology Takes Off

Mobile Marketing Technology Takes Off

AT&T and location-based app Loopt have both unveiled competing technologies that will all ow businesses to use mobile marketing technology to send ads directly to consumers' phones. This idea has long been discussed but until now has not been commercialized in a large-scale way. Location-based advertising has the potential to be a goldmine for companies as it makes shopping easier for consumers who don't want to deal with expiration dates or planning their coupon strategies in advance.

Getting the right deal at the right time and place will increase the likelihood that a consumer will act on that deal. Loopt's Reward Alerts for Android and iPhone will send notification that a deal is immediately available in their area, and then customers would present their phone message to the retailer to redeem the offer. AT&T's ShopAlerts will allow users to receive deals via text message, so it's not limited to smartphone users.

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