Sprint Makes Prepaid Plans More Affordable

Good news for prepaid users, Sprint has announced plans to reconfigure Virgin Mobile, the prepaid wireless service it acquired last year.

Among the revamps, it plans on cutting the price of its d…


Acer’s Push toward the Smartphone Sector Continues

We've been hearing about it for some time now, but it appears PC giant Acer is getting ever-closer to releasing a host of smartphones.

Acer, currently the world's second-largest PC maker,…


Nokia’s First Symbian 3 Handset On Its Way

Aside from just the cool way of abbreviating the name "Nate", it appears the code N8 is about to have new significance in the smart phone realm. In fact it now applies to Nokia's first…


Opera’s Popular Browser Comes to Android

It's tough to argue the fact that any operating system's success or failure has much to do with third party support. To that end, things are looking up for Google's fairly new Android OS…


Rumors Confirmed: Facebook to Add Location Service

Facebook has been working on a location-based service for close to a year, but held off on an announcement until it was completely ready for mainstream adoption, fearing potential privacy concerns. …


Sony Takes a Unique Approach to Challenging the iPhone

Dozens of smartphone models have come along in recent months attempting to take a stab at Apple's dominance with features such as touchscreen capability, big library of apps, music playing, and …


FCC To Buy Wireless Spectrum from TV Broadcasters

Federal regulators are hoping to secure more wireless spectrum for advanced mobile services by actually offering to pay television broadcasters to give up their rights to airwaves.

As part of a p…


T-Mobile Releases Updated MyTouch

In the fast and furious touch-screen smartphone market, T-Mobile's realizing updates have to come often to maintain the edge. In that line of thinking, the company has released a new version of …


Jabil To Unleash a Host of New Technology

Jabil, one of the world's largest electronic manufacturing services ( EMS ) companies, is poised to launch several new innovations to the globe (through an exhibit at the Mobile World Congress, …


Sony’s Latest Windows Smartphone Goes Green

Sony's proving its continued commitment to the environment through their latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the Aspen.

The Aspen is unique due to construction of recycled plastics and waterbor…