Verizon Still Wants iPhone, But Strengthens Ties with Google

Surprising many annalists, Apple's recent iPhone 4 announcement concluded without mention of a Verizon version in the near future. Verizon executives, who have been speaking regularly with Apple…

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Motorola Working on Large Screen Android Phone

In effort to gain an edge on the omnipotent iPhone, manufacturers have been seeking new selling points to integrate into future models. In that theme, Motorola is reportedly developing a new high-en…

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Free Internet- T-Mobile Says Give Us More Time

Sure free wireless sounds like a great concept but T-Mobile wants more time! The company has asked the FCC to delay a vote on final rules for the proposed AWS-3 auction by another three months.


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Windows Powered Palm Treo

While the collective attention of the world seems to be focused on the forthcoming Apple iPhone 2.0, rumors of Palm's latest Treo, the 800W are flying high.

According to our sources, the unit i…

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More Google MVNO Rumours

The rumours of a potential Google MVNO in association with O2 and Nokia in the UK are still doing the rounds, with Ewan popping up with gossip of a potential announcement in the next couple of weeks. …

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Rumour: google MVNO Launching in UK Soon

We love rumours, they add spice to the news of the day and allow for endless speculation. The latest one to hit our radar is about Google's possible mobile virtual network operator launching soon …

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Google Phone Confirmed?

The Google phone has been rumoured for quite some time now, with pundits coming down on both sides of the fence as to whether or not it does or doesn't exist, or perhaps might or not in the future…

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