Research Shows Mobile Marketing Trends

The State of Search Marketing Report 2011, produced by Econsultancy, highlights the trends and uses of paid search, SEO, and social media marketing in the business world. According to this report, mob…


Corporate Tablet Warfare Pits Devices Like Apple iPad 2 Against Rivals

Tablet devices like the Apple iPad 2 first caught on in the consumer market, but corporations are starting to embrace tablets as well.

So far these devices have gained ground in the financial servi…


Telos Corp. receives $19 million contract for wireless LAN

Telos Corp. has received a $19 million contract on 16 June in Ashburn to install a wireless LAN at U.S. Air Force bases. Telos plans to include sites around the world in that already have wireless LAN…

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Findings Indicate Wireless Network Could Harm GPS Systems

The results of equipment tests conducted in Las Vegas indicate that LightSquared's proposed wireless broadband network would produce major interference with GPS systems. Changes to the proposal co…

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The Need For Cloud Computing In A Mobile World

It seemed that, virtually, over night the word "cloud" found its way into the popular lexicon. More aptly put, "cloud computing" is likely to be the future of the web and mobile te…