Why Use Twitter?

If you've never used Twitter before, you might wonder why everyone likes it so much. Here's perhaps the most coherent, simplest explanation I've seen so far:

I suppose if you don't …


Carnival 68 at AORTA

This week's Carnival of the Mobilists is being hosted over at Always On Real-Time Access with an as usual wide range of different topics, touching on carrier relations, the mobile web, smart phone…

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Fixed-Mobile Conference Next Week

Well, it's been a while – but I claim extenuating circumstances… And my apologies as well to those who've contacted me asking when I'll be posting again.

Anyway, for the past few weeks …

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Carnival of the Mobilists 59

Carnival of the Mobilists number 59 is now available at . The posts this week cover a WIDE range of topics, with of course a vast amount of discussion about the iPhone.

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Coming Soon… And the K800i

regular readers may have noticed I've been remarkably absent for the past few weeks. Well, the major development work on my project has been completed, and the first release has been made – and th…

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