Let A Billion Mobiles Bloom

A billion of anything is a lot, but IDC thinks we need to make room for a billion additional mobiles in the near future. It predicts that the billion in question is the number of new handsets that wil…

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US Mobile Data Revenue Climbing Nicely, Thank You

According to CTIA, US mobile data revenues are starting to look rosy. US operators scored a cool $6.5 billion in mobile data revenues for the first half of 2006, with over 12 billion SMS sent in June …

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Where Do Ringtones Go Next?

According to Research and Markets, which has just issued its next generation study on ringtones, full song downloads for ringtones, as found in KDDI's enorously popular Chaka-Uta Full download ser…

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Youth Markets: Tomorrow’s Customer Today

Wireless World Forum in London has released a forecast regarding the importance of young cutsomers to mobile markets today and tomorrow. According to the report released last month, the average 10-yea…

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Carnival of the Mobilists 40

The Carnival of the Mobilists is entering middle age, with number 40 being hosted by Anders Borg of Abiro. This week sees more than 15 entries, with two new contributors, covering UI design, multimedi…

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Mobile TV on the Rise? For Real?

IMS Research has put out a forecast in its latest report on mobile TV predicting 500 million users of mobile TV by 2011 worldwide. This will be mostly mobile network-based TV until the later stages, w…

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Carnival of the Mobilists 39

Carnival of the Mobilists 39 is here, hosted by Daniel Taylor over on the Mobile Enterprise Weblog. Daniel has thoughtfully categorised this week's postings, with articles covering mobile devices,…

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Carnival of the Mobilists #38

Carnival of the Mobilists 38 has been posted, and this week it's being hosted by the good folks over at SmartMobs.

The Carnival is getting bigger every week, and this week topics include Posts By…

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IM to Overtake SMS?

ZDNet Asia, via textually.org, brings news that some analysts believe instant messaging will overtake SMS in a few years' time to be the main non-voice messaging application for mobile devices. Ov…

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3.3 Billion Mobile Subscribers by 2010

(via Smartmobs
A couple of reports release late last week point to the importance of the mobile phone in global communication, with DM Europe reporting an estimated 3.3 billion mobile subscribers worl…

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