cellity Communicator Mobile Software Unveiled At CTIA

While those of you who read the The Mobile Technology Weblog are undoubtedly aware of the cellity Communicator, mobile software that allows you send free text messages and make cheap calls to fore…


Mobile Phones the New Social Activism Weapon

Just like blogs revolutionized online communities, our mobile phones have evolved as powerful and very effective platform to voice out our opinion and share our thoughts to the community even when we…


Free Mobile Twittering with cellity

Twitter is a microblogging site allowing you to write less than 140 characters so you can stay in touch and keep up with friends no matter where you are or what you're doing. Moreover, many busine…


Send free text messages worldwide with cellity freeSMS

cellity freeSMS is another handy mobile app enabling mobile consumers to send and receive free text messages anywhere in the world. No need to pay per SMS rate to communicate with your family, friends…


cellity GroupCall Offers Cheap Mobile Conferencing with Superior Voice Quality

Do you remember the time you have to call several people via mobile phone just to relay the same message over and over again? It would be really great if you can gather them all together and communica…


Make Cheap Calls Worldwide with cellity worldCALL

cellity is a German startup company promising to lower the cost of calling to your friends and family across the globe with the help of least cost routing technology and mobile Internet.

Among its v…


On the Move with LinkWorth

LinkWorth provides a step in the right direction for those on the move when it comes to working on the world wide web. Their products and services are targeted for the up and coming web professionals:…

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The Submarines on Nip/Tuck Finale

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl write songs. Boy and girl split. Boy and girl meet again, fall in love, and make a wonderful song-writing and singing duo – That's the story of "The Submarines.&q…

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Barenaked Ladies Go Green

These Canadians aren't bare or naked or ladies, but they totally rock and they may be rocking your way very soon on their "Barenaked Ladies Are Me" tour.

Here are more details on the l…

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Backup Platinum

Work travel has called lately, and once again I am furiously backing up project files (all 24 versions), libraries of presentations and images and the copious amounts of contact information and e-mail…

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