Motorola and Verizon Enter Public-Safety Wireless LTE Contract

Motorola has inked a deal with Verizon that will kick-start its next-gen public safety plans. The deal is to use Verizon's Wireless LTE (Long Term Evolution) network in the US for safety applicati…

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Introducing Android Tablets including the GALAXY Tab 10.1

The tablet personal computer is taking over as the latest kind of portable laptop device. They are trendier than the typical laptop because they are not only compact and lightweight. They also come wi…


Stanford Research Offers Faster Wireless Networking

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new technique that will lead to faster wireless networking. Introduced to mobile networking experts at the MobiCom2010, the new technique doubles th…

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Where are most mobile marketing done?

Are you a business owner, looking to market your business effectively? Have you been considering doing some major mass marketing? Here is one marketing technique that will reach the hoi polloi in no t…


Figuring Out How to Use Windows Phone 7 with O2 Gurus

Mobile phone technology is advancing all the time. It can be hard to keep up with the pace of development, especially for older people.

Getting your head around using a new mobile phone can be easy…


Sierra Announces 4G Wireless Hotspots

Wireless hardware maker, Sierra has introduced two new 4G wireless hotspots- AirCard 753S and AirCard 754S. Both can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously to the internet. These wireles…


Get Your Text Messages Organized with Outlook SMS By Mediaburst

Mobile marketing is an intelligent means of getting your business messages across to a vast number of people. Day to day, ordinary people are checking their text messages and tapping away at their mob…


Ways to Find the Best Mobile Phone Deals

Without any research and planning, you could find yourself with an expensive mobile phone with unaffordable monthly phone bills.

Mobile phones are certainly becoming a necessity of life. They are u…


Tips To Facilitate Better Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing sure is an easy way to reach a lot of customer not only from one geographical location but also market the same product or service to a worldwide clientele. If you have been thinking …