Mobile Music Shifting from Mobile Operators to Mobile Makers

Considering the unabashed gate crashing of Nokia in the mobile music business and the expected entry of Sony Ericsson's music downloading service, it is very apparent that mobile operators are a l…


Create Your Own Mobile Greeting Cards with Cellyspace.com

Sending SMS or MMS during holidays is one way to show our affection to our dear family and friends without spending too much. Now, you can customize your greetings with Cellyspace.com

It has launche…


Wal-Mart Joins the Mobile Content Market

What do you think a powerful company wants more than anything? More power of course.

Such is the case of the world's biggest retailer Wal-Mart and its big ambition to dominate the mobile content…


Mobile Adult Content a $3.5 Billion Market by 2010

Thanks to the growing acceptance of streamed video and video chat services, every pervert will be delighted to know that the mobile adult services worldwide is projected to reach $3.5 billion by 2010….


Spektacle the World’s First QR Magazine

Combining the power of QR (quick response) Codes, mobile Internet, and camera phone, Spektacle is the world's first magazine to provide readers with fresh contents daily for the next 2 months upon…


Yahoo! oneSearch Adds Yahoo! Search and Wikipedia

Yahoo!'s mobile search service, oneSearch, becomes more intelligent than ever with the integration of Yahoo! Search and Wikepedia. It basically translates to additional 350 million answers from ov…


Cellphone for HIV/AIDS

While the rest of the word is very busy developing personalized ringtones, cutting edge smartphones, and exciting mobile advertising tools, Cell-Life is too engaged saving HIV patients in South Africa…


Customize Your Ringtones with VoxTone

I don't get it. Ringtones, I mean. While I'm satisfied with the standard ringtones available in my Nokia handset, many mobile users want more something hip, funny, and cool. Moreover, they wan…


Home Surveillance Live from Your Mobile Phone

The rise of terrorism and local crime rates in many areas around the globe further heightened the need for homeowners to buy home security devices.

Now there is a way to monitor your home via mobile…


Domino’s Offers Pizza by TXT in UK

Domino's Pizza is slowly embracing technology to satisfy the so many pizza lovers in US and now in the UK. Earlier this month, it started accepting online orders all over US.

Now, it unveils a n…