RIM Gets Serious With Developer Tools To Edge Out iPhone

Research In Motion and Adobe announced a collaboration to integrate Flash technology into the BlackBerry development platform. This new level of integration will grand developers access to Adobe Flash…


Sprint Reports Losses Despite Improvements

Sometimes it seems like Sprint must be scratching their collective head in effort to figure out what gives with the domestic wireless market. The company reported a large third-quarter loss as subscri…


Consumer Goods Giants Embrace Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons have found powerful allies in the form of consumer goods giants Procter & Gamble, Clorox, Del Monte, General Mills and Kimberly-Clark and retailer kroger. According to Advertising …


Consumers Warming Up on Mobile Coupons

Though consumers, in general, are still annoyed with mobile ads, research firm JupiterResearch reports there is a growing number of consumers who are interested in receiving mobile coupons. But the b…


Google CEO Predicts a Huge Mobile Revolution

Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the future of mobile advertising is a "huge revolution", contrary to the conservative projection of Forrester …


Bluetooth to Invade Soccer Fields

Soon, soccer (or football if you're a bloke) fans will have an alternative past time during the dry, boring parts of this really exhilarating game – downloading contents via Bluetooth connection….


Mobile Advertising Still in Infancy Stage

Despite some advances in the field of mobile advertising and milestones achieved by some mobile advertising agencies this year, it's no doubt the entire industry is still in its tryout or hit-or…


Mobile Apps or Mobile Ads?

Mobile apps might be a more effective alternative over mobile ads. According to adweek, multinational companies like P&G, VICKS, and Coca-Cola are experimenting on mobile apps that are useful to c…


Mobile as the 7th Mass Media

Thinking about the rapid developments in mobile Internet, mobile marketing, and the entry of the controversial Android, Tomi Ahonen's elaborate assertion that mobile as the 7th mass media is becom…


Blyk’s Mobile Ad Strategy Seems Working

Blyk is an ad-funded mobile network offering free 217 texts messages and calls worth 43 minutes every month, for 16 to 24 year olds. In exchange for that enticing offer, interested mobile users will r…