New Mobile Technologies For iPhone 5?

It has only been a few months that the iPhone 4 has been released. However this has not stopped the makers, Apple to come up with better and enhanced versions of the iPhone. There are new rumors hitti…

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4G Wireless Technology Continues To Grow Stronger Than Ever Before

Wireless technologies have come a long way. With the new 4G technologies, which is known as the next generation wireless is hitting more wireless vendors then ever before. According to data reports, a…

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Wireless Technology Out Next Year From Werizon Wireless

New rumors have been stirring up about the new wireless technology from Verizon Wireless. Although there have been rumors for quite some time, it has only been recently that Verizon Wireless has annou…

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Catch the Colts – Every Weekend

If you're a sports fan (and I mean a true sports fan, not someone who happens to watch a game now and then) services like direct tv have made life sweet these days…

Many of the TV services to…


Verizon Under Federal Investigation

Who ever said it was easy being one of the key players in the mobile industry? Verizon finds itself once again under scrutiny, this time from the Federal Communications Commission who wants answe…

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Nokia To Acquire Plazes

I had not heard abut Plazes before this morning, but it appears that Nokia is going to acquire them for an undisclosed sum.

Plazes is a context-aware-social-activity service that people can use the p…

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Free Wireless Internet Close To Becoming Reality

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (Kevin Martin) announced yesterday a delay in the voting on his proposal to auction an unused piece of 25 megahertz wireless spectrum. The winnin…


cellity Launches Weblog at Creative Weblogging

cellity, a leader in mobile web technology, has teamed up with the Creative Webloging network to launch the Mobile Weblog at http://www.mobile-weblog.com!

Palo Alto, California, USA – November 3, 200…

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Can Frontline Wireless Alter the Wireless Industry?

What exactly is on your mind if you create a powerhouse team composed of a former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, a founding CEO of Vanguard Cellular, a former head of the Nationa…


3i Pulls Out of Mobile

Venture Capital firm 3i has decided to withdraw from its investments in the mobile space.Ian Lobley, a senior partner at 3i, told AC Euro that its ivestments in mobile sector have been broad, and not …

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