Is the white iPhone 4 coming or not??

If you do use the Apple Store app, you might have noticed that the white iPhone 4 recently made an appearance in the upgraded version.

However, if you tried reserving a unit, you cannot do so.



Wireless Technologies Introduces The Powermat

Wireless technologies are getting better and better. The latest on the list is what is called the Powermat. It is a wireless product that will charge jut about most products. It is slim and can be lai…


Here Comes The Windows Phone 7

Tomorrow (October 11), Microsoft is introducing its new Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform in an all-day press event in New York City.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega…


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Gird your loins

It turns out that it's not the random exploding laptop batteries that you have to worry about as a mobile road warrior with a high-powered computer perpetually perched on your thighs; it's t…


The Trouble With Fujitsu Netbooks

Fujitsu is definitely the worst when it comes to netbook battery life and graphics performance, and it does not do well in any other category.

Fujitsu is working to update its look with systems lik…


Nokia E73 Symbian Smartphone Coming to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is gearing up for Nokia's latest Symbian smartphone, the Nokia E73 set to hit stores on June 16.

The new E73, an update to the popular E72, is a business phone, offering Wi-Fi connec…


Motorola’s Latest Social Friendly Smartphone May Not Come to the U.S.

Until now, flipping out has been a less than desirable trait but Motorola may change all that. The company has unveiled the Flipout, a pivoting Android-based smartphone with the latest MotoBlur user…


Garmin GPS Handset for T-Mobile Only Weeks Away

T-Mobile users have cause for celebration as the carrier has confirmed plans to sell the Garminfone, a Google Android-based phone with Garmin's proprietary global-positioning navigation software…


Samsung’s New Operating System Coming Soon

Much to the delight of tech fans around the world, Samsung has confirmed that it will begin selling high-end phones based on its proprietary Bada mobile operating system in the coming weeks.

In e…