The Best of the Worst

© akarmy The NFC Worst, that is, the dubious title for champion of which will be fought over by the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. The best possible case, at least from the standpoint of divisional pride, has an 8-8 team going to the playoffs to represent the division. Although it […] Continue reading →

BootStrapme Greatest Hits (Vol. 5)

For our fifth and final Greatest Hits post for 2007 we go back again to a post from the beginning of the year and an equally great series of links again back to Here are profiles of eight great bootstrap startups that eventually made $1 million or more all launched for under $1,000. The […] Continue reading →

The year ahead: what to expect?

I know this is risky after the last post, but what the hell. What can we expect in 2009. The truth is, no-one really knows. Still, there are some forecasts worth looking at. A sobering prediction from Dr Doom, Nouriel Roubini, which you can watch on this video published The New Republic. He predicts a […] Continue reading →

Trial Of Iraqi Shoe Thrower On Hold

The trial of the, "Iraqi shoe thrower", Muntadhir Al-Zaidi, which was scheduled for today, has been indefinitely postponed. Al-Zaidi's 25 member legal team has decided to pursue an appeal of the charges with the Federal Court Of Appeal in the hope that a change from a charge of "assault" would be changed to "insult." The […] Continue reading →

Nasscom to host animation event

India's National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) will host an animation meet dubbed ` Nasscom Animation India'. The two-day event to be held on January 12 and 13 will address global opportunities and strategies for the animation and gaming industry in the country. India is emerging as an alternative destination to Korea, the […] Continue reading →

Tales of seven bootrappers from 2006

Since starting this blog in June of this year, we've had a chance to profile a wide variety of bootstrap entrepreneurs who have used imagination and inventiveness to make their dreams come true. Here again for 2006 are seven tales of bootstrapping business showing what can be done with determination, perseverance and very little in […] Continue reading →

2006 Green Car of the Year

Green Car Journal's "2006 Green Car of the Year" will be announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show on January 5. The five finalists are the honda accord Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Lexus RX 400h, Mercury Mariner Hybrid, and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. What about the Toyota Prius? Will it get the Lifetime Achievement Award? And […] Continue reading →

Linux as a BT conversation snooper

There is no denying the fact that open source software are the prime tools for hacking (and cracking). In this example, see how you can use Linux to eavesdrop on a conversation between someone using a Bluetooth headset and another person. I wonder how you can make this more secure considering that almost all Bluetooth […] Continue reading →

Happy New Year

I hope all my readers have had or (like me) are having a wonderful New Year's celebration. We are munching on chips and dip, some yummy mini burgers in puff pastry ala Paula Deen, some caviar and crackers, and of course, some champagne. Love the bubbly. See you next year! Continue reading →

Last 2009 News

2009 statistics: 28% of websites use Google Analytics 28% of websites have Google Analytics – pretty impressive, while 12% of the sites have AdSense. […] 5% of websites have a Twitter link and 5% have a Facebook URL, yet only 2% have both a Twitter and a Facebook URL. You can get the raw data […] Continue reading →