Americans Increasingly Choose Wireless Technology Over Landlines

Americans Increasingly Choose Wireless Technology Over Landlines

Americans prefer wireless technology to landlines, confirms a recently released study of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study taking into account National Health Interview Survey conducted through phone calls from January 2007- June 2010, reveals that 27% of US households rely completely on wireless technology.

Arkansas and Mississippi top the list with 35% wireless technology users, although both of them are not high-technology hubs. In contrast, New Jersey and Rhodes Island register just 13% wireless technology users. This is the lowest on the list.

The study suggests that the high use of wireless technology devices in Arkansas and Mississippi results from the two states being hard hit by recession. People with limited spending money are attracted to discounted cellular services that are a financially easier option than landlines.

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Top Facebook Mobile Marketing Trends for 2011

Top Facebook Mobile Marketing Trends for 2011

Major facebook mobile trends as observed by marketers include mobile friendcasting, deals and phoneless checkins. Constellation Wines worked with mobile marketing firm Augme Technologies to develop a program. One of the features allowed users to share their purchasing decisions with their friends on Facebook.

The CMO of Augme predicts that sharing will become easier as Facebook gets retailers to register for Facebook Places. This in turn will give rise to a new form of mobile marketing – Mobile to Facebook advertising, through which deals can be broadcasted over Facebook. A combination of location awareness and time-sensitive deals opens up a new area of mobile marketing for Facebook.

Industry experts predict that mobile trends indicate more marketers will build games and promotions on the Facebook Places platform delivering 'check-in-to-win' and loyalty points as reward for checking in and broadcasting their location.

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Email Mobile Marketing Technology

Email Mobile Marketing Technology

It is estimated that more than 50% of computing devices sold globally this year will be non-PC devices like smartphones and tablets. For b2b marketers, this means that using mobile marketing technology will be critical to avoid being left behind.

Mobile devices are being used more frequently for checking emails, so marketers need to make sure that they are optimizing the customer experience so that they are more likely to view rather than delete the emails you send to their mobile devices. It is possible to code your emails so that they render properly on different mobile devices. Proper coding ensures that the email will be correctly framed, whether it is read on an iPhone, Android or other device. When an email is not optimized, customers will still be able to see it but they will probably have to scroll up and down or sideways to see all of it.

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