Cellphones getting featured on kids clothing range

Cellphones are a bit hit among the kids. Nowadays you see cellphones in hands of almost every kid. In order to cash in on the craze of gadgets among youngsters, clothing companies have been launching …


Jabil To Unleash a Host of New Technology

Jabil, one of the world's largest electronic manufacturing services ( EMS ) companies, is poised to launch several new innovations to the globe (through an exhibit at the Mobile World Congress, …


VoIP in the healthcare sector – prescription drug order & Communication with the patients

VoIP technology is becoming quite popular in the healthcare sector. A number of hospitals have been adopting this technology as it has number of benefits associated with it such as reduction of costs …


Print 24: Online Flyer Design & Printing

These days it seems the web is rife with various printing solutions and we've decided to take a look at one particular service that specializes in the area of flyer printing.

Print 24 offers …


Google’s Next Nexus One to Target Business Users

According to the latest word, Google is targeting RIM and the Blackberry line of smart phones over Apple and the iPhone with their new Nexus One.

This word comes from Google Inc executive Andy Ru…


Rackspace Hosting Makes Some Service Improvements

When it comes to the highly competitive world of web hosting, innovation is often a necessity to maintaining the edge. To that end, Rackspace is relaunching its e-mail exchange hosting and applicati…


Payday Loans and Keeping my iPhone

When it first came out a while back I bought an Apple iPhone 3GS. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time (my wife says I'm a gadget addict). And I paid – well, we won't talk about tha…


Dell’s First Cell Phone to Run Android

After years of rumor and speculation, the first smart phone from Dell's Mini 3 lineup will be introduced in the first half of this year.

Signing an exclusive distribution deal with AT&T, …


Cell Phone Style with Cell Phone Accents

Cell phones have become much more than mobile telephones. In fact, to many, they are an extension of one's style, a fashion statement if you will. When it comes to the arena of customization, yo…


Verizon Droid Not Synonymous with Motorola

Everyone's seen those catchy Motorola "Droid" commercials over the holiday season, but did you realize that there was a cheaper Droid alternative available on the market from HTC?